Monday, November 17, 2008

Some news on my health...

headphonaught in motherwell scarf

Above is a random picture of me looking happy from a while back... updated using Poladroid. Why have I used said picture? Well I am happy. Here's why...
  1. My cholesterol level is now 5.2 - it was 6.3. Yay!!! Its heading in the right direction and may have been below 5 if it had been a like for like test. It wasn't... the second test was a random test where as the first one was a fasted test. There is a difference.
  2. I have MULTIPLE gallstones... unfortunately I don't have an exact number so wont be able to name the rest of them (be proud Darrin... you are the only one with a stone named after you). The wall of the gallbladder shows signs of infection (it is thicker than normal) too. As a result I have been referred to Wishaw for the blighter to be gone! Don't know when... but I will be glad when its away.
  3. Olly got her hair cut. This has absolutely no relation to my health other than I LOVE IT and she makes me happy.
So yeah... that's me. Some good news, me thinks. Thanks again for all your support. It isn't taken for granted!

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