Saturday, November 29, 2008

This is cool :: "The Bible, but not as you know it"

I thought this article [the Bible, but not as you know it] on the BBC News Magazine was interesting...
Most people think of the Bible as a densely printed book with no pictures, but a version of the scripture that resembles a glossy coffee table magazine aims to change that. It's part of a wave of radical presentations of the Bible, including a manga version and a Lego gospel. But how do Christians feel about these attempts to spread the word?
How do I feel? Personally, I love it. To me... the Bible is an awesome book filled with some amazing stories and visual picture language that inspires me on a daily basis. I see these expressions as a means to further enhance the stories... providing context, additional explanation and visual thought-provoking content.

Thing is... this isn't new. Artists have been creating art inspired by the Bible for a long time. Some call their work "holy"... so why isn't this?

If it gets someone reading or rereading the Bible... then it works for me.

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