Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let’s focus on the output and not the tool(s) used...

I overheard a couple of friends discussing over which of them had the better bag. Friend #1 had a messenger bag whereas friend #2 had a rucksack.

Friend #1 claimed that the “over the shoulder” design was the best… because it provided easy access, especially while riding a bike. He also expressed his appreciation for all the pockets that his messenger bag has.

Friend #2 dismissed his friend’s claims and issued a counter-claim that, in fact, the two strap… one for each shoulder… design was the best… because it lowered back pain and allowed him to carry a greater volume of stuff. Sure, he admitted, it had fewer pockets… but the increased volume of the main pocket more than compensated for this.

The discussion verged on an argument as both friends issued further claims and counter-claims whilst dismissing the points made by the other.

Neither of them considered the contents of their bags as being relevant to the discussion.

I made this story up to demonstrate the nonsensical nature of arguing over stuff… because I am bored of discussing / arguing over these things.

In fact, I will go so far as to renounce my Apple-fanboy status. I just don’t care anymore.

Don’t get me wrong… I do care about the kit I use and I will continue to use Apple products… insofar as they continue to work for me. It’s just that I no longer care what you use.

Be it Windows, Mac OSX or Linux… a netbook, laptop or desktop… a blackberry, a nokia, a gPhone, an iPhone or even 3’s “Facebook phone”.

I don’t care what you listen to tunes with… be it an iPod, a Zune or even a Sony tape Walkman.

I just don’t care anymore. I can’t face the arguments, the partisan side taking and the condescending put downs… I renounce them and apologise for the part I have played in this to date… because I have been the worst offender more often than not.

What I care about is content! What I care about is what you use your tool(s) for. What I care about is the message that you communicate with the tool(s) you have.

Does the fact that I have a Mac make my blog posts or my tweets any better than a PC user? No way.

Does uploaded content from a Flip camera mean more than video uploaded to YouTube via a Sony Camcorder? Again, no way.

What is the best camera? The one you have with you when you need it. Similarly, the best phone is the one you have on your person when you need to make a call.

It’s not what I have or don’t have that counts… but what I do with it. I can listen to Gorecki’s symphony no.3 on a tape machine and still be moved. The tool isn’t important… it’s all about the content.

Don’t get me wrong… the journey is as important as the destination… but this importance is purely subjective on some base personal level… underpinned by numerous factors, influences and baggage (both personal and cultural). As a result of this subjectivity, I can’t compare my journey with yours… but I can meet you at the destination.

I acknowledge the simple truth that the future is plural. Ours isn’t a monoculture. Diversity comes through our life experiences and our personal choices. I can not and will not say that my life experiences and personal choices are more important than yours… albeit… I will passionately explain why I do what I do… why the things that build me up do so… why I enjoy what I enjoy… why I am moved by the things that move me.

If you don’t get it… well that’s you… I won’t put you down for it. And if I don’t get the thing that you get… please don’t take it personal… it’s just me.

Let’s focus on the output and not the tool(s) used. Let that be the measure of the man or woman… and not what things they have.


darrin said...

Of course you're right.

All I want to know it what people are listening to or what they are reading. I dip in I dip out...its a flow.

I'm interested in what is someones camera/MP3 player /computer of choice and the reason why they like it. I reject the notion of making an argument over mine is better than yours.

What are things anyway. The love and craving of things has been a contributor to the present financial predicament.

I'm interested in how people live their lives not all the flim flam and trappings. I'll love them whether they are PC or Mac

darrin said...

Just to clarify...'I'll love them whether they are PC or Mac'...but Mac User usually have better hair...know how to grow a decent beard (rather than just being a beard)...and are able to sing in tune

Jonathan Blundell said...

Good post!

So what are you listening to on your audio product of choice?

weareallghosts said...

JD - On my audio product of choice I am listening to Prospekt's March by Coldplay.

Darrin - I may be the exception to your 2nd comment... I shave my head because my hair goes too afro... my beard isn't very beardy and my singing in tune is as erratic as my wifi connection.

Stewart said...

I've got a mac and very little hair! But then so does Steve Jobs!

I like the sentiment of your post Thomas. Content and creativity don't depend on tools, they are just aided by them. It's all about choice and in some cases what you can talk someone else into giving/buying you for work!

Angus Mathie said...

I have long faced this problem and have had to live with various comments regarding methods, even from people close to me in various ways. I have tried to emphasise the importance of contribution/ output/ viewpoint but unfortunately comments are still expressed without being sought.
I try also to say that my very best is the only thing I strive for particularly in the service of the Lord no matter the audience or length of contribution required. We cannot change the shallowness of judgment we are subjected to but we can request the grace and love our Saviour gives to cope with unsensitivity.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Thomas! You are right, it does not really matter. BUT, i do love reading your posts on music and tech and style stuff, so PLEASE keep them coming. You definitely have the pulse on culture/style/tech stuff.


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