Saturday, November 08, 2008

Loving... iqtu

Loving iqtu's music. His releases (in reverse chronological order) :: Embarrassing Triangle :: Rollie Polley Years :: Let It All Flowers :: are some of the most charmingly glitchy electronica I have heard for a while and I would heartily recommend them to you.

phlow magazine (from where I first heard of iqtu) says this of Embarrassing Triangle...
Although this sounds like Intelligence Dance Music at the first sight, it is not. “Embarrassing Triangle” from Iqtu is a magic trip. The album is one of those releases that I got so much addicted to, that it is almost hard to resist to listen to: days, nights, at work, everywhere. The 55 minute trip unfolds after some beats after some minutes you don’t count which track is playing anymore, but wander completely in that special room the music opens.
Completely agree... check it out.

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Louise said...

I have a wee thingy on my blog if you wouldn't mind taking part.


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