Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Interesting... an "unbranded" McDonalds

I thought this looked interesting when I read about it on An unbranded McDonalds. Here's the skinny from the source article in
On November 5th, a launch campaign began in Tokyo, with two McDonald’s locations in Shibuya and nearby Omotesando being totally converted to “Quarter Pounder” shops. The restaurants offer only two choices on the menu: a Quarter Pounder set for 500 yen, and a Double Quarter Pounder set for 600 yen. The interiors are minimal black, and feature Le Corbusier sofas. Interestingly enough, there is no discernable connection to McDonald’s. No golden arches, no yellow, no Ronald. Japanese consumers are not likely to know exactly what a pound is, or a quarter for that matter, but no clues are offered on the ultra-minimal Quarter Pounder website.
This idea instantly attracted me as an option for the church... strip away all our branding... everything that makes us who we are... so that people will be attracted to something new.

But then I thought of the Seeker Movement. They pretty much did that... and well... I'm not sure where we are with a "build it and they will come" attitude to church.

However, the idea wouldn't leave me... and here's the reason why. Whilst Mickey Dee's have removed all their branding... they have placed their WHOLE emphasis on their product.

What if churches were to strip away all their branding... all their logos... badges... flags etc etc and just placed their whole emphasis on Jesus?

What if all the things that visibly identify us were removed until only our actions... our love... our hospitality... our kindness... our feeding the hungry and giving water to the thirsty... our coming along side people in need... the things that truly define us remained visible? What then?



Anonymous said...

Cool post, Thomas! Interesting things to chew on here. What about taking GOD/Jesus TO the people rather than expecting people to come to us? We could get rid of all those outside things, but aren't we still expecting people to come on our terms? That's why i think IKON in Belfast is so brilliant. They started meeting in a pub and now meet in a dance club. Just thinking out loud with you my friend. Love you!

weareallghosts said...

Love you too... my dear friend.

It was an interesting concept from McDonalds and one that I could see parallels with the church.

What is it that are stopping people from connecting with us?

You are so right... we need to make the first move... get into this world and show an alternative to it. Demonstrate love, acceptance, tolerance with distinct values.

I think the church needs to be a place that people can come to... but on their terms... or at least mutually agreed terms.

I do not expect people to come to us nor should they make the first move.

The era of "build it and they will come" is over.


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