Monday, November 17, 2008

Twitter "church"... daily inspiration and why Twitter has changed my life!

At some point recently... Twitter changed from a broadcast/conversation tool based on the concepts of genuine interaction as well as passive intimacy... into something very special... almost sacred (albeit I believe everything is sacred).

I find daily inspiration on Twitter... quotes like the one above from JD... bible verses from esv daily... an almost continual deluge of links and heads-up to new posts, ideas and products.

What's more... I have found a group of real friends... a community of mutual care, support and shenanigans. People are asking for and... more importantly... receiving prayer from this community. We lift people up. We cry when people are down. We come to the rescue of people who need help... in physical and "virtual" ways.

This is all based on mutual respect... common bonds... and purposeful inclusion.

Last night a question was asked... in a manner of speaking... is this church? For me I have to say YES... in a way. Let me explain...

First off, community is no longer bound by physicality. I have never met some of the people who I can ask to pray for me... but yet I feel closer to them than some people in my "physical" church. Physicality is no longer a defining factor - don't get me wrong... it is an important element of day to day life but it is not essential. The concept of church is based on a "coming together" of the body of Christ. A building or a physical gathering place is unnecessary... we meet together on Twitter.

Secondly, this community is based on likeminded mutual support and respect... based on the foundation of Twitter. We support each other in many practical ways... including prayer. We network and advocate for each other. We are "there" for each other. We are a trans-generational group of mavericks... diverse in many ways and yet likeminded in many others.

Thirdly, there is a sense of mission through being "in the world of Twitter but not of it"... our posts may be funny and possibly juvenile at times but they are also uplifting and God-honouring. There is worship through thanksgiving... and intentional connection.

To be fair... there is a sense of exclusivity that I can't avoid. You need to have access to the internet to be part of Twitter... but thats all... its a free app.

That's why I love Twitter and why it is important to me... and why apps like Twittelator and Twinkle for my iPhone along with Twhirl for my MacBook are given "killer" status.

Some people think that this whole social media thing is the latest Tower of Babel but for me and mine... its has a whole other meaning... they are tools that connect, inspire and provide support for those that need it. Thing is... I need it... and that's why it has changed my life.

What do you think?
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