Sunday, November 02, 2008

Responding to a given opportunity...

I you follow my twitter updates or my status on Facebook... you'll have seen that I was in Glasgow City Centre exploring the potential for a new expression of church.

Basically... an opportunity has been presented to us :: free use of a coffeehouse :: and five friends got together tonight to plan and pray about how best to use this opportunity to the glory of God.

Its still early days... still got plenty of prayer and plans to make happen but, long story short, we are on the same page and want to do our bit by stepping out in faith... raising our head above the parapet... and doing church instead of just talking about it.

We are not walking away from our current commitments / expressions... but are seeking to explore something stripped back... that takes Acts 2: 42 as its guiding principle... something missional at its core... something different. It isn't solely a reaction against what we see as being wrong with our experience of church but more a desire to start something new... knowing that the Lord has already started something beautiful in the area and we just need to find it.

I'll keep you posted about whats happening... but I see this as being something different from ((deep)) and the other projects I am involved in. Its more personal and geographically contextual - I don't expect people to travel for miles to attend. This isn't an event but a gathering for a place in a space. I hope that makes sense? We don't want this to be about us but rather about people encountering God in a fresh manner.

We are responding to a given opportunity... and, in doing so, I truly believe we are responding to the Spirit's leading. Please support us in any way you can.

Picture posted with LifeCast... thoughts added later.

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Jonathan Blundell said...


look forward to seeing where this takes you!

and of there's a facebook group as well for

let me know if there's anything i can do to help.

really excited for ya!


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