Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lent - Day 1

Given up coffee - Grande gingerbread lattes with skinny milk & fairtrade beans from Starbucks, to be percise - and all cafinated beverages for the next 40 days. Its the only sacrifice I know that will mean something to me. Being in Leeds today after getting up at 0520hrs was murder - I have had a headache for most of today and felt really sick on the way home... Must be the cold turkey...or not enough to keep my blood sugar tip-top.

Anyway, I'm not big on the tradition associated with Lent... I come from a tradition where the practice of Lent was thrown out, along with a number of other ideas, like a baby with the bathwater... I am seeking to create meaning for myself.

I found this prayer via a link from Jonny Baker to the Grace Lent blog... I find it useful in contemplating Ash Wednesday:
Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.
Turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ.

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