Monday, October 16, 2006

Alpha / a life worth living :: wk3

Week 3 of Alpha & a life worth living tonight. For Alpha its the talk on "Why did Jesus die?"

Warm welcome awaits... 1900hrs for food and a catch up... with it all kicking off at 1950hrs.

Bellshill Salvation Army, Gladstone St, Bellshill.


28 folk joined us tonight for some fab soup (Thanks Isobel) and great fellowship. Ice is broken and there are some fantastic discussions happening. It was also a pleasure to welcome David for the first time... although a couple from previous were missing.

Good times!

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Anonymous said...

Good times indeed, I wish we could capture the actual noise that exists during our coffee breaks, it's the noise of people actually experiencing the joy of Jesus and needing to share the feeling.
Prayers are being answered at Alpha.

weareallghosts said...

I would like to thank the atheist who left the previous comment. Not only do they not have the guts to identifiy themselves but they believe I am wrong in pushing my faith... and express this by pushing their anti-religion religion.

Personally, I would like to go on record as saying that it takes MORE faith to believe that there is no God than it does to believe in Him.

With the whole malarky surrounding religious expression in public, I celebrate my Muslim brother who said it is not Muslims or Christians who are trying to stop religious expression but the atheists and secularists.

Support ALL FORMS of religious expression... our fight is with the godless who want to push their non-faith faith.


Rant over.

Johnny said...

goan yersel, Thomas!


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