Saturday, October 28, 2006


Water... I love it. Big fan! Except when I am gorgewalking... freezing cold... scared out my mind... and being helped by the oldest woman in my team (look I am not ageist or sexist... but I was meant to be the tough... skateboarder... radical dude! I was embarrassed!)

Anyway... a couple of things caught my eye today and it kind of demonstrates the duality of our society.

On the one hand you have Fred with its great design (I love the shape of the bottles!) and its fab marketing - it has a trendy lifestyle website :: with some fab lifestyle content... and a myspace page :: which is way beyond ironic... and very funny : "I'm from the catskills..."

And on the other hand you have One with its quirky design and its message in its bottle. All profits from One water go to building unique roundabouts that pump water as the kiddies play on them. How cool is that?
Instead of having traditional ‘hand pumps' over boreholes, the team at PlayPump™ install unique children's roundabout powered PlayPumps™. As the children play on a roundabout, it drives a pump which extracts the water which is then pumped into massive storage tanks.

Each PlayPump™ is built near a school or crèche so there is never a shortage of willing volunteers to help power the pumps!

So far over 650 have been installed, and because they are proving to be the ‘way forward' we're sure that we'll be funding many more in the years to come.

So that's it – you buy One here – you're changing lives in a very unique way there. And if you ever want to go and see one, or help install one, just let us know and we'll try to arrange it for you.
Watch the video here :: link

They were selling bottles in Morrisons today for £0.35 each which is pretty good pricing... especially when it is meaningful.

Photo: xuxule_x from Flickr

Personally, I like tapwater in my reusable bottle from Starbucks - its orange and looks like a huge bottle of aftershave... Two of them and I have my water quota for the day... but I will be buying more water from One... truly a winner in the substance over style battle.

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