Thursday, October 05, 2006


WorkingI am grateful to the Soos for his kind gift of the Moleskin he bought me at the weekend. It is my new obsession and is so useful for recording just about everything.

I use a wee 4 colour pen that Dayna recommended (she got one in In Store) and just go daft with notes... red... blue... green... and black. I should have picked one up ages ago... but am glad I have one now. Its my new PDA!

Thanks bro.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love a moleskin but those badboys are a tad on the expensive side. Someone bought me a cool notepad a while back - recycled paper, worn brown leather cover - i've never used it cos I don't think what i'd write would be of sufficient coolness to match it.

Johnny said...

Gotta have your moleskin(e)!

...and what's with that "e" on the end? Is it silent, so that it rhymes with "pin", or sounded so it sounds like "wine"?

weareallghosts said...

John is on the money as ever...

I have to say... if there was ever someone who I would want to steal a moleskine from when they had finished with it... it would be you Mr Kinsley.

As for the book you have... their purpose on this earth is to carry your message... it can't fulfill its mission if you haven't used it!


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