Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Chat with Andrew Grinnell

Maj. Ivor Telfer (left) & Andrew Grinnell

Last night I met up with Ivor, Jon G and Rita to discuss ((deep)) with Andrew Grinnell from NEO aka "New Expressions Of..." the Salvation Army. Andy coordinates the various plants that are happening throughout the UK under the NEO banner... and, amongst other things, teaches on the Re:Source course that Jonny Baker teaches on and pimps on his blog.

Anyway... Ivor had invited me over to chat with Andy on the whole vision of ((deep)) and gain from his Mekon-like head some insight into doing this kind of thing.

Here are the notes that I scribbled down in my moleskin:
1) I need to contact the Salvation Army's 24-7 prayer coordinator and start the discussion on setting up a Boiler Room in Glasgow somewhere.

2) I need to think long and hard about the team... there needs to be a regular rhythm beating in the collective heart of the folks involved. they need to be on the same page... share the vision... prepared to join together in prayer (core for the 24-7 prayer space???) and follow God's leading.

3) Location / building is key. Keep the movement underground and away from the mainstream. Model it on the rave scene of the late 80's (this is where Paul T will be an invaluable mentor) and keep it smaller than demand.

4) I was asked if this is bigger than the SA... I think it could be... eventually... but for now there is a need... a gap... within the SA in the West of Scotland that needs filled. Its all down to the Lord.

5) Andy suggested we set a 6 month programme and then review. Dangerous to tinker after the first event... need to see it through... let it evolve and develop in its own way.

6) Make it costly to get in... Don't advertise... Keep it underground and low key.
I brought up the blogging community piece... and need to develop the community outwith the event.
Some great advice and a fab discussion. Its not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN. I have to get my finger out and do the strategy paper.


Anonymous said...

Love the idea of keeping it smaller than the demand, that just makes sense in my head. Late 80's rave scene, hmm, not much experience of that, i've only seen one year of the late 80's, just incase you want to feel old. Bless XD

Anonymous said...

Keeping you, Olwyn and kids in prayer as part of the Lord's plan in all he asks / instructs / wills for the kingdom - through all you and others do to bring ((deep)) to fruition - I'm excited (from a distance) reading and following your reports and progress, cos I'm sure the Lord is too, as he is near you - lean on Him....

As for the 'attack' stuff in blog -remember - as we wait on the Lord, and he sets the course, Satan will quiver when he sees what God is going to do and will be set running in the other direction....and also read Romans 8:31-39

Prayers, Matthew & Debbie

Anonymous said...

This is so encouraging that these dreams are going to happen. Keep your focus and don't worry about the negative thoughts of those around you, we always get attacked most when we are about to make big steps/differences...thats what satan likes...he likes to see us shake. He doesn't like it when the Lord perseveres and wins more for his Kingdom. Always keeping you and family in prayers. Am certainly planning to spend more time coming through and watching this develop.
Best Wishes
kirsty x


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