Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sally Ann :: Fair Trade from the Salvation Army

I am reading a fab book just now... got it off our officers in Bellshill. Sally Ann - Poverty to hope by Bo Brekke with wonderful photos by Knut Bry. What's it all about? Basically Sally Ann is a wonderful fair trade concept from the Salvation Army. Bo and his wife Brigitte served in Bangladesh for 7 years from 1995 to 2002... and this story is more than just an account of how they put the Sally Ann dream into reality... it is their story... it is the story of my brothers and sisters in the Salvation Army in Bangladesh... but, most of all, this is a story of a gospel-response to the poor! Its about putting bread on people's tables as the blurb on the back of the book goes.

Check out their site :: Sally Ann :: and take time to understand the motivation behind their story... and their wonderful fair trade products.
Values and principles
1. Sally Ann will be run according to the values of The Salvation Army. This will be reflected in giving care and showing respect for all the needs of a person.

2. The business activities of Sally Ann will be distinguished by emphasis on solidarity, equality and fairness.

3. Products traded by Sally Ann will whenever possible be acquired by means of using third world enterprises or programs controlled by The Salvation Army

4. All employees working for Sally Ann in third world countries shall receive fair compensation for their work and help to improve their living conditions. They will be supported in developing an independent life and livelihood, including pursuit of safe and wholesome opportunities outside of the Sally Ann organization.

5. Sally Ann will seek to choose to work with companies that are best suited to maintain the vision and goals of the Sally Ann project. Sally Ann will influence its partner companies and contacts to help promote and develop fair trade.

6. Sally Ann will base its activities on profitability. Revenues are absolutely necessary to ensure that we have access to the resources needed, to uphold the development desired and to reach the goals established. All profits made from the operation of Sally Ann will be used to develop the Sally Ann project further.

7. Sally Ann will be distinguished by maintaining openness and complete honesty in all activities.
Wow! This is the Salvation Army I am proud of!

Check it out.

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