Friday, October 13, 2006

This week coming...

The we'ans are on holiday this week... and both Olly and I are off too.

Hope to go to Edinburgh Zoo with my folks on Tuesday... meet up with Y & D in beautiful Fife on Thursday... and worship God at the Tim Hughes / Delirious? gig on Friday night (going to organise a pre-gig Meet Up for anyone interested...)

It won't be all fun and games, however... We have the Music Ministries Weekend to lead in Cumbernauld tomorrow night and Sunday through the day. We also have Alpha on Monday night... and we are leading an evening of praise & prayer at my folks church on the 21st.

We also have the funeral of Uncle "Eck" Russell on Monday. Eck was Olly's great uncle and a man very close to both our hearts. Read Olly's post about him :: Link

Eck was a dedicated follower of Jesus... a faithful soldier with the Salvation Army in Fauldhouse and a commited Socialist. His example was wonderful. He was the kind of chap who you just loved being in their presence... lively... funny... cheeky... irreverant... he was wild fun! He loved his wife, Aunt Cath, and his family to bits. We mourn his passing... cancer got another one... but celebrate his PROMOTION TO GLORY for a well deserved rest!

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Anonymous said...

(*raises hand) Interested. think kenny's booked my ticket.


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