Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Anybody want to give me a grand???

Re:Source is a course on church planting in the emerging culture that runs over 5 weekends in various parts of England. I'd love to attend it... and know people who have and loved it (eg Jon G).

It kicks off next August / September time (2007)... and I would love to be part of it... but its £450 for the course... plus £200 for accomodation... plus £250-ish for the petrol. I'd love my love to go with me... which doubles the cost. I don't have that kind of bread.



Anonymous said...

If you pray and this RE:Source is part of the plan God is using you @ ((deep)) & [wide], and it is a resource in all you are part of, why should you not go?

Again pray that this can be a reality...


Anonymous said...

hey, not a related comment, this is just the easiest way for me to contact you. Through the blogging community, ive been chatting to a guy called pete who is working as a bible smuggler in china at the moment, and in march is gonna be in the uk talking in churches. He says he wouldnt mind getting a plane up to scotland too if theres a church that would like him to talk. Was just wondering if you would fancy getting him to talk at snac. Dont think he would get that great a welcome at my corps.


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