Monday, October 02, 2006

What a weekend! Saturday evening...

I love my folks... they always help out and sit the girls... and I was glad they could watch them on Saturday night. Allowed me to head out with friends to View Park Parish Church for an event hosted by Oxygen Events - I had no expectations... other than a pal had texted Olly to say it was going down and we should be there. Glad we did.

Poor pic... but the band for the evening were an up and coming worship band called The Rex Allchurch Band... and they were fab. Really felt I was there just to hear them... and connect with them. They will be ideal at ((deep)) and the kind of band I would expect to see at Roots. Tremendous songcrafting and loud, loud praise. Each member of the band RAWKED... The drummer, Mikey, was on fire which explained why the guitarist, Nick, wore earplugs. Truly inspirational!

Got a chance to speak to Nick... loved his tee :: Poop on Satan :: which, I believe from google, is a small tee enterprise created by a skateboarding Christian called Brian White - not sure if there is new stuff out there but sweet none-the-less. Hope to spread the word about the band and see them again... need to include them in ((deep)).

The thought was led by a taxidrivin' theology student called Ken Trench who talked about compassion and spoke from James about faith and works. Compassion = Action and we need to demonstrate our faith... its not just a personal thing.

Good times.

Check out the Rex Allchurch band - their 7 track ep: To love the lost : is on Survivor and is pretty special. Very Tim Hughes.

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