Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Soos in Barcelona

My man... The Soos is going to Barcelona for a wee break next weekend. So I thought I'd collect some ideas for him... and showcase the super-sweet place he is staying :: ((Hotel Omm))

According to NY Times Travel section, Hotel Omm is
"...another on Barcelona's lengthening list of design hotels, this postmodern architectural tour de force was conceived by a team of designers who sought to create, in a playful way, a mystic sense of peace consonant with its eponymous mantra. Minimalist rooms, a soothing reception area, and even the pool all contribute to this aura. The upper rooms overlook the roof terrace of Gaudí's Casa Milá. The restaurant, Moo, serves modern cuisine orchestrated by the Roca brothers -- Joan, Josep, and Jordi -- who achieved international prestige with their Celler de Can Roca near Girona."
It is an impressive place from the pics on the net... and the info The Soos shared with me.

Personally, I'm loving the Ommsession club space... Looks amazing! Don't have any idea about DJs or setlists but looks like a fine place to enjoy some sweet, soulful, chilled house. That's one for The Soos to check out and report back.

So what to take???

Well, first off, I'm a big convert to Moleskine (spelt it right this time JL) and their City Notebooks just fascinates me. What a wonderful concept! It has maps, tabs and three coloured ribbons to make the most of all the bits and pieces you'll want to remember/record on your trip. There are 2 people I would love to see use / create / display a City Notebook - The Soos is one (Lard is the other!). The Soos is a tremendous creative force and I want to encourage him to draw/doodle/create... and capture the essence of the places he'll visit. I can't wait to see his pics... but this is something more... something unique.

City Notebook photoset

What else? Well there is the PSP Passport series of travel guides for the PSP. Eager to know how they work... although Sony are being real numpties and blocking access to their downloads to people like me who have a Japanese import PSP. Sony really do suck at times...why???

We all need some form of travel adaptor for all our electric dreams... but remember to take a 4 gang adapter as well!

You may also want to check out the Wallpaper* Barcelona Guide ::
Aimed at the design conscious traveller, the guides offer just the right amount of insider knowledge on the world’s most popular cities, from where to stay and what to visit, to where you should eat, shop and be seen. Ideal for a weekend break or business travel, their discreet, pocket sized format tells you everything you need to know, giving you the inside track on what can not be found anywhere else.
Although I don't think BRIGHT PINK qualifies as discreet...

Lastly, a sweet passport holder is always a good thing to have and this one from Maharshi in their fab bonsai camo is one of the best I've seen for a while.

Some more links ::

Anybody got anymore ideas / suggestions? Please leave a comment.

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