Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Under the broomtree... RIP!!!

My mate up in Orkney... Matthew Bennett... has killed his fab blog :: Under the Broomtree

Sure... he was a rubbish poster... one or two posts a week... but they were quality insights.

My RSS reader is still coming to terms with the loss. Question... do SA blogs die or are the promoted to Blogglory?

Ah well... more time for you to spend with Debbie and... there is always Council of War!!! In fact, I want to see Al and Olly on there too!

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Matthew Bennett said...

xhlobThanks for email - sent message to TallSkinnyKiwi - awaiting reply.

As for my blog - honesty is best policy and put record straight - became distraction rather than setting down more (serious) thoughts, more focus needed on my ministry here and what Im about, being, God needs, got PDP five year plan looming, need to get head down, more work to do - for now Im happy to share, comment, chat to other bloggers, definitely receive much blessings from many
folks - never know, may take it up again (new title, thoughts, lots in mind to share)- hope all bloggers understand. Its just where I am at present....

No RIP yet.....just resting....

Every blessing, Matthew.

Chris H said...

It seems that underthebroomtree has become another of those rubbish advertising domains. The same thing happened to SABooks when I let it expire...


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