Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Starbucks Aesthetic...

“With the assets Starbucks has in terms of number of stores, and the trust we have with the brand, and the profile of our customers, we’re in a unique position to partner with creators of unique content to create an entertainment platform and an audience that’s unparalleled.”
Howard Schultz :: chairman - Starbucks.

Thanks to Roy for the thoughtful email on one of my fav places to hang - Starbucks - sure it is Dr Evil's secret lair and they are obsessively global and you need to flavour your lattes to hide the bitterness... but... hey... I like them.

Loved this quote from the big boss of 'bucks from the NYTimes article :: The Starbucks Aesthetic :: and I would like to take him up on the idea. I want to partner with him... I have unique content...

What Starbucks lacks and desperately wants is community - they want the vibe of a local independent coffee house that's kind of different and out there... but they just don't quite make it. Sure the coffee is good and their fairtrade dark chocolate bars are heavenly... but they are a commuter space... and not a community space.

They remind me of church... desperately trying to bring people through the doors with the latest thing while the very essence of the place... the space... the loving community... the caring relationship was walking out the exit.

Starbucks is a coffeeshop... it is a space where the C's:
Culture & Counter-Culture
can grow...and it needs you. It is a house... it needs you to make it a home. Now that's where the heart is!

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Paula said...

I skip the S'bucks and just head for the small independant coffee shop with art by eager young artists on the walls....LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love starbucks but can see the real value of indie shops that do good coffee. i like that churches like Hillsong use starbucks as a place for discipleship courses in london, though....


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