Monday, October 09, 2006

Alpha / a life worth living

Week 2 of Alpha & a life worth living tonight. For Alpha its the talk on "Who is Jesus?"

Still plenty of space... 1900hrs for food and a catch up... with it all kicking off at 1950hrs.

Bellshill Salvation Army, Gladstone St, Bellshill.


28 folk joined us tonight for Alpha and a life worth living... with 6 more new folk joining us (3 folk from last week couldn't make it - so we were +3)

Of the 6 new folk... 2 were new to this crazy church thing... Wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas
This is what we are about, new faces , new souls a new life. Tonight Olwyn led BLOC on an outreach visit and it was great, but it was great to come back to the hall to see so many people all wanting to get to know God, some for the very first time.
Keep your vision.

caldjr said...

Superb news Thomas - great turnout. Time for a rhetorical question - how great is our God?!


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