Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Music :: Brian Littrell & Mark Calder

I recently got given a copy of Welcome Home by Brian Littrell and I completely forgot about it. I've had loads of music to listen to recently and it just... kind of... fell through the cracks.

Well today, I put it on in the car and really enjoyed it. Its upbeat, jangly guitar driven Christian music. Nothing controversial or pushing boundaries or anything... just nice, coffeehouse music for the car. I really like it.

You see... the thing is... I left the sleeve in the house and had no point of reference for who this CD was by. I kind of got a hint when I said to Olly that one of the songs reminded me of the Backstreet Boys. Well... to my surprise... it turns out Brian is/was a member of the boy band in question.

Everything about this record should be wrong for me... I really am allergic to anything labeled Christian... All music is worship music to our Creator... and the sacred / secular divide is just 5 shades of wrong (Thanks Lard). I have been reading Relevant Magazine and have an insight into the industry that Christian music has become (although I rate Relevant for being far more than this ghetto and for pushing the boundaries). I shop in Wesley Owen and am not always inspired. I think Christian music has become a cynical genre... and I am careful with what I buy.

But... the problem I have here is that I didn't have this baggage before I heard the CD and I have judged it according to its merits rather than my preconceived notions and prejudice... and I really like it. To be fair, its more Olly than me... but, that said, it makes for good times in the car. The opening song :: My answer to you :: is fab and reminds me of the best of Tim Hughes... it is a strong track musically.

I recommend you check out this CD...

Photo pinched from Mark's blog profile

While on the subject of surprises in Christian music... I recently got to hear a demo track by a chap called Mark Calder who came well recommended by Paul "Haggis" Thomson. His rendition / version of Psalm 13 is tremendous in a lo-fi, rootsy, opposite-of-Brian-Littrell kind of way... Just a man with a great voice and his guitar... no production... no pizazz... Just passion for his Saviour. I hope to hear more from him and have asked if I can link to his demo... I am even prepared to host it on my account to let y'all hear it...

Will keep you posted!

All in... there is some great music about just now... and that makes me a happy man.

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