Monday, October 02, 2006

Alpha :: Start of a new session...

We kicked off a new session of the Alpha Course tonight... with 25 folk coming along for the journey.

There is nothing more beautiful than the noise of people eating soup and talking together (the noise relates to the talking btw and not the eating)...

11 folk joined together for Alpha... with the remaining 14 began the follow up course A Life Worth Living. Truly wonderful... especially when "Behaving Billy" from the last Alpha now wanted to be called Believing Billy when we played a name game. The transformation in his life is evident and wonderful!

Good times!

* The Alpha Course & A Life Worth Living.
* Bellshill Salvation Army, Gladstone St, Bellshill.
* Monday nights at 1900hrs.

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Steven Carr said...

When I went to the Alpha Course as a sceptic, I was verbally abused, my Bible was taken from me (later returned), and I was forbidden to read from the Bible at one point.

I guess some questions really are too hard for Christians to answer.

Why would God curse real serpents, just because Satan disguised himself as a serpent?

Why did putting angels with swords around the tree of life, not interfere with Adam's free will?

Why did God say on the cross that God had forsaken him? (assuming Jesus was God)

weareallghosts said...


The whole point of Alpha is to ask these kind of questions... and the first thing I always say is we don't always have the answer.

Snakes... no idea.

Angels & tree of life... again, no idea... but could you imagine human beings in full knowledge of life and death living forever? Maybe that was a good thing?

Lastly, Jesus is God and yet He took all our sin on the cross... that sin separated Him from the Father... because although Jesus could bear the sin... His Father couldn't. The trinity is hard to get... twists my melon.

All I would suggest is you find people open to these questions and keep asking them!

At the end of the day, Jesus loves you and wants your inquisitive nature. Don't give up on him because of some of his representatives... we are not all the same!



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