Monday, October 02, 2006

What a weekend! Friday over to Saturday

Left Motherwell on Friday night... it was raining and pretty miserable... but I didn't care... there were beautiful rainbows... and the night held so much promise.

Hooked up with the Soos... who took me to our sacred space :: Sushiya :: for some tempura, soft-shelled crab sushi and some traditional pork ramen. Lovely. It is great to hook up with the Soos and just talk... but its better to be able to converse in such a fab wee place like Sushiya with their wonderful food and great service. It truly is a special place.

After food... we headed out to the Beanscene in Haymarket to meet up with an old friend... someone I have known for about 20 years... Roberto

We talked community... and subconciously hip coffee houses... and consumption rather than contribution. We talked Prog Rock and train sims and the old days in Livi. Good times!


After a good hour and a bit with Roberto... the Soos and myself headed out to Departure Lounge to check out Joe Acheson Quartet playing live and Zero dB do a DJ set. The DJ who was warming up the crowd was a chap called Astroboy - he was very good... strong choices made such as "Organ Donor" by DJ Shadow and a fab De La Soul track... along with some fab, bass and back-beat heavy jazz.

Joe Acheson Quartet

The Joe Acheson Quartet were tremendous... got to hear them with both drummers (unlike the last time I heard them) and boy was I blown away. The Soos was well impressed too... he referred to them as being DJ Shadow-esque, which is an awesome compliment.

They were great... really powerful, atmospheric soundscapes with mad vocal samples and awe inspiring syncopation between the two drummers. Wonderful.

After 0130hrs or so... Zero dB took to the decks... and boy were they loud. The Caves is such a great venue... there was plently of space to enjoy... so much so... the Soos and I walked about the venue and took it all in. This painting was in one of the anterooms... lovely!

The space is wonderful and inspiring... lots of "secret" space which the Caves and Departure Lounge made great use of.

Got back to the Soos' pad around 0330hrs... We chilled... Listened to some fab tunes and watched "Trippin'" on MTV... at which point, I promptly moved.

It was wonderful to hang with the Soos... feel really special.

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