Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Meet-Up before Delirious? gig

Calling all Nanolog readers who are going to the Delirious? / Tim Hughes gig on Friday at the Carling Academy... Let's meet-up somewhere at 1800hrs and chew the cud before descending en masse to the concert.

I don't really know where the venue is... so any recommendations for a suitable venue would be welcomed. I was thinking about the Coffee Merchant in the Merchant City but that might be too far out. Whatcha think???


The venue is near the Bridge Street Underground station on the other side of the Clyde. Coffee Merchants is as good a venue as any... Its next to the City Halls in Candleriggs. See you there for sometime after 1730hrs-ish!

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Laura Whispering said...

Man, the whole world seems to be going to this concert, minus me! Everyone at college is going and now all you guys too! haha
Hope you have an awesome time anyway

weareallghosts said...

Shame LL... Can I help with transport or accomodation???

Anonymous said...

hey, yeah, i need to know asap if theres going to be a gathering cause i need to sort stuff with jane if im not meeting up with y'all

Paula said...

Oh, I wish I could be there! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Awww. Wish I could. Both for the sake of the concert, and the company. But it would be one expensive trip.

laura-lou, I think I qualify as 'the world', and no, I aint gonna be there.

Oh, unless you wanted to help ME with transport and accomodation, Mr Nanologger? :)


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