Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What a wonderful idea!

Card to Handle
Originally uploaded by richardmoross.

Calling all FLICKR pro pals... have a wonderful product... Basically, the create Rizla sized mini-cards from your FLICKR pics that you can use a cool business/calling cards.

Received a sample of ten today and LOVE them... got the headers from both my blogs made into cards... and they look sweet.

You can get 100 for $19.99... which is pretty good for something you just want/need to give away.

Thanks to JB and Cool Hunting for the heads-up.



Anonymous said...

Yes I heartily agree-- ordered mine last week from all my drawings on flickr. The moo cards are just the thing to break out of the normal business card mode.

Chris H said...

Aaw, the 10-card sample packs are gone. I'm now uploading lots more pictures to flickr so I have some interesting stuff to put on a full pack! Curse you Thomas, you're makine me spend money again! :)


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