Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Soos' pics

My man... The Soos... is safely back from his wee trip to Barcelona... He had a fab time - saw the sights and managed to hook up with an old colleague who helped him live like a local for the time he was there. Well a local who takes loads of photos and walks about with Wallpaper's guidebook.

Anyway, the Soos has an amazing eye for a photo... and I would well recommend you check out his pics on flickr.

The above photo is taken from his Barcelona set... a set he is slowly building up from the millions of pics he took while away.

While there... I would heartly recommend his Tokyo set - truly some amazing pics. He hooked up with some Japanese nationals while in Barcelona and he showed them his pics... they were blown away with the Tokyo he had captured. Well recommended.

One of my dreams is to help the Soos change career and explore this passion. I want to be involved in him exhibiting his work... and maybe get a book published.

Check them out... and make the Soos a contact. There is more goodness to come!

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Anonymous said...

If the book happens I know of a Designer

Anonymous said...

This is my dream too, to make a career out of my photography! Please pray 4 me on this.

Johnny said...


Domo Arigato, Soos!


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