Sunday, February 04, 2007


walking at Chatelherault

Olly, Dayna, Miriam, Pippin and myself went for a long walk yesterday at Chatelherault in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire; and it was lovely.

walking at Chatelherault

It was crisp... not too bitter... and it was dry (well except for underfoot) - the sun was shining brightly which invigorated us. Truly a lovely day to be out and about in creation.

We love Chatelherault... Its quiet and peaceful... and about 5-10 minutes drive from our house. It feels like the middle of nowhere.

The White Bridge

While we were out we were privileged to hear a woodpecker... and witness a landslide in the distance (it occured to the right of the White Bridge (above)) - it was pretty scary... it sounded like thunder or a plane passing nearby... a crack and a rumble of earth falling.

sheep in the carpark

We were also blessed with witnessing the bizarre sight of sheep being herded through the overflow carpark by a dedicated sheepdog and a farmer on a quadbike. We actually thought at one point that the sheep were going to stampede us.

All in... it was a beautiful experience to spend a few hours in the woods with my nearest and dearest. A moment I will cherish for a long, long time.

If you want to see more pics... check out my set on Flickr :: link

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the slideshow, Thomas. It is hard to imagine that this is mid Winter with such lovely sunshine.


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