Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day 3...

I love this view

Yesterday was another heavy day in the office. I say heavy because there is a ton of work to do... but, for some reason, everyone is wired and enthused. Spirits are high and that's a great sign.

By the end of the day... we broke the back of the work and completed the biggest pieces of documentation. We'll still have a heavy day today... but there is a sense of satisfaction that we can do this.

Mall or Cathedral?

Pete and I headed back to the Mall. Didn't want to spend all night in the Pub. When I was here last year... I commented on how this place was like a Cathedral to consumerism... well I still think this is the case. The size of the space and its grandeur remind me of when I say St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican. This place is huge!

Town square or Mall furniture?

What I also noticed as I wandered about was how this space replicated outdoor, communal spaces... such as this town square. This isn't a mall but a total living environment. Its like the sci-fi stories of space stations on the moon or something... self contained... replicating the real world.

Apple Store

That said... I did manage to walk in and then walk out of the Apple Store without spending a penny... even with my lowly iPod Shuffle.

It was cool to wander with a soundtrack of obscure electronica... Olly's playlist... the Bladerunner ost... and the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack on shuffle. Bizarre mix that somehow worked... made me think of my life back home.

After the mall... where I got some goodies for the we'ans... I went back to my room and worked on a super-secret project for Friday.

Only problem I have... is that my body clock is now on Philly time!

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littlelaughalot said...

Super secret...oh what are you up to? Glad you are having a bit of fun shopping even though you're working hard. Looking forward to Friday.

love always

Anonymous said...

Glad the hard work is paying off and you are getting through the project. The good spirit in the team is certainly a bonus. Not long to your return so hope everything can be tied up in time.

Love Mum and Dad M.

Royzoner said...

I think you are discovering USA mall culture. It's very sci-fi, good observation.

The only way to get out of philly body-clock time is to eat two cheesesteaks and get a new ipod shuffle-- they are only like 35 quid in UK terms.

Shawn Manley said...

Enjoyed reading your blog, Thanks ;)


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