Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Music :: Albertine by Brooke Fraser

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I have a different Soos to thank for the heads-up of this fantastic album. PS let me borrow Brooke Fraser's Albertine when I met up with him while over in Edinburgh with the Soos... and OMGoodness, am I glad he did!

Albertine was the number 1 album in New Zealand when PS was over there recently... and the single : Deciphering Me : is just amazing. Its upbeat... piano and guitar orientated music... that reminds me of Sarah McLachlan... the kind of music that gets played on American TV shows.

What makes this CD all the more special is that Brooke is a Christian and her lyrics are conscious ones. Songs like Love, where is your fire? Albertine and Faithful are just awesome.

When she references, in the liner notes, William Booth's famous telegram message: others you know you are onto something... and someone special. When Booth could only afford to send one word as a telegram to his ministers he sent the word others - this encapsulates so much... the Gospel... Booth's vision and the focus of the Salvation Army. (Thanks Dan for the explanation) It makes sense when you listen to Brooke.

What I love about her is that this isn't a Christian album... but an album made by a Christian. That may seem like semantics but for me it makes all the difference. This is Johnny Cash music... not regarding genre but in emotion - raw... authentic... real... Just a person with faith... singing about the things that make her tick... with passion and guts. Lovely!

I would encourage everyone to check this album out. It is truly a classic in the making... and she needs to be heard outwith New Zealand.

Thanks PS!

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