Saturday, February 24, 2007

Walking through a bog and other fun things to see and do

On the raised bog path

Spent a few hours at Drumpelier Park in Coatbridge. Its nice and peaceful. We went off the beaten track and followed the path beside the bog. Beautiful in its barrenness... if that makes any sense?

On the raised bog path

I felt it was important to spend some time in nature. The quiet solitude (apart from Miriam) of somewhere secluded. Its also nice to get muddy and hear the birds sing overhead!

Ross, Janey, Olly and my "man bag"

A wee while later... we met up with Roscoe (Janey was with us at Drumpelier) and went for a lovely meal at Nando's. Its the special weekend for our "Young People" in the Corps... and the girls were at a pre-event party.

We met up with them later and enjoyed a programme led by the YP Band and choir. Dayna sang a wee solo which was lovely and Miriam sang with gusto when the Primary kids sang a couple of songs. Nice memories for my trip.

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