Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dr Jives RIP

Dr Jives RIP

Forgot to post this... I was absolutely gutted to see DR Jives has closed its doors for the last time. It was this great boutique that introduced me to the joys of covetousness... with Stussy becoming one of my fav brands. I was never out of their sale shop that they had for a while. They stocked some fab brands like Stussy, XLarge, obscure Nike, MHI, Silas, Carhartt... to name a few... The staff were always great and the owner, whose name escapes me, was a really switched on bloke.

I did feel, however, that they kind of lost the plot when they stopped stocking Stussy. I am ashamed to say that I lost interest after that... even though it coincided with my transference of obsession to the iPod and TKMaxx.

Dr Jives will always have a wee place in my heart! Gone... but not forgotten.

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