Thursday, February 15, 2007


A couple of articles that I appreciated today...

From Pics from the...

These jobless people are often elder men that usually were engaged in physically demanding work. When they are not of use anymore at the job, they often try to stay in flophouses for some time – until they can’t afford that anymore. However, only a minority of homeless people then manages to settle and organize itself. The rest stays in a permanent nomadic state, moving around in public spaces.
German artist Anke Haarmann in an article on pingmag where she discusses her film :: Public Blue :: which looks at homelessness in Japan. I was saddened by the article... and am curious to know what the Salvation Army... my tribe... are doing for the ‘no jyuku sha’ or ‘field campers’.

I also enjoyed the mighty JB's article for alove :: Ruptures, Improvisation And Tradition - another fab article... one that challenges and inspires me!
Faithful improvisation frees us from the tradition, but it does not free us to do whatever we want. In order to improvise we must know the author, our God, the history of the church, the scriptures, and other improvisations of the church. The better we know the tradition, the more knowledge we can draw on to revise it. Jesus was more faithful to the tradition (i.e. the law) by getting to the heart of it rather than getting caught up in the trappings. The Spirit calls us to join in with what God is doing in the world and to improvise.

Check them out.

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