Saturday, February 03, 2007

Introducing... Dylan Richards

Every so often something comes from leftfield and surprises me... Today was a wonderful day - I will spend more time later describing the fun we had, as a family, chilling out in the woods at chatelherault in Hamilton... and then spending time in Borders at the Fort.

When I got home... this email was waiting for me:
Well, I thought rather than just add you as a contact I would send you a quick note to say why. I ran into your blog/Flickr about 4 dozen times from various different places... we have pretty similar interests (heck, I knew right away that the quote at the top of your blog was from The Message... and I've met Eugene Peterson!). Really, it's a multi-part reason, so I'll just paraphrase your info from nanolog:

I'm a (in 2 years) 30-something God-fearin', iPod-lovin', coffee-drinkin', wannabe-DJin', emerging follower of Jesus who lives in Athabasca, Alberta, Canada.

I am married to Bonnie - the most beautiful girl in the world (there is actually a kids song about her, but don't sing it!) with two lovely daughters, Autumn & Emily.

I pastor a brand new emerging church plant called Solomon's Porch in Athabasca.

I'm the kind of geek who gets excited when Apple release a new product.
I'm big on food in general (the best of the best from everywhere... for example, after my trip to Scotland in 97, I am a huge fan of bangers & mash, and Irn Bru). I got married in a kilt that I bought from John Morrison's on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

I'm a big fan of Moleskines, high-quality pencils, the occasional pipe smoke and pint, and DC shoes.

Most of all... I'm big on God's love and wish to see His Kingdom extended.

From People

The email was from Dylan Richards who blogs at and has some sweet pics here (including the one above).

Welcome to the Nanolog... Dylan... make yourself at home.

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Anonymous said...

Scary - 2 Thomas Mathies!


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