Sunday, February 18, 2007

Youth Alpha @ Paisley


I'd like to welcome any of the Paisley Salvation Army folk that I met tonight to this here home from home.

Its always a pleasure for me to meet new people and talk about Jesus... and it was an absolute pleasure to hang out with 9 young (and not so young) folk and walk through one of the Youth Alpha topics (How can I be sure of my faith?) together.

I was greatly encouraged by the friendliness, closeness and interaction of the group... who made me feel welcome and part.

I'm looking forward to next week... where I intend to get them speaking more... and me speaking less!

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Laura Whispering said...

haha, i just read this and thought for a second you'd been visitting one of my friends from college.
(He's a Youth Worker in Paisley who also happens to be running a Youth Alpha at the moment)

Hope it all continues to go well =]


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