Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today is a good day...

The 'Phonaught

I'm a chump! I actually forgot that I had booked annual leave for last Friday and Monday. The we'ans are off school until tomorrow... half-term... and I forgot. To be fair, I did book my time off last September... and have an important meeting tomorrow that I was focusing on.

So I have taken today off to be with my beautiful family. I've walked Pippin and played with the girls on their scooters... and I've helped Olly in the garden... and I have grabbed sometime on the 'tinterweb while Olly is making one of her fab cards. The pressure is on to make a card for her Valetine's day... Crazy pressure! Its like writing a song for the Beatles.

From Pics from the...

Speaking of The Beatles... I am loving Love - its a fab compilation of all their great tunes in a nice mixed manner. Lovely! I love the track : because : It reminds me of Olly... who, btw, is sitting next to me and looking fantastic in her yellow sunshine makes me high tee.

Olly makin' cards

I'm catching up with Google Reader and have found some gems that I want to share with the ol' Nanolog community...

From Pics from the...

pingmag has a lovely article on the characters used in Japanese snacks. Wonderful imagery.

Moving on... the mighty jonny baker has a couple of sweet posts...

From Pics from the...

First off... He drops the skinny on a live tour of belleville rendezvous where the film is rescored with a live soundtrack featuring turntables, accordion and guitar. Its coming to the Cameo Picturehouse in Edinburgh on the 10th March... I hope to catch it then.

From Screendumps

JB also pointed to the wonderful music video of the song freewheel by a chap/band called duke special (who I haven't heard of before but want to now!) - The video was created by some wonderful humanbeings called Sparks - check it out - if you have Quicktime Pro you can download the video (as I have for upload to my iPod).

Lastly... been reading up on influx - its a blog where they post articles about emerging trends that matter to brands. It has some good content worth checking out... even if you are not a brand.

From Album Covers

Oh and Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky) is such a great song! Loving the Rocky Balboa soundtrack... except for the new tracks at the end that were culled from the iPod. I wish I had this track when I was in Philly!

Today is a good day... and it ain't over yet. Going to sit down with the we'ans and watch Yoshifumi Kondo's Whisper of the heart... which will be sweet.

From DVD Covers


Anonymous said...

Glad to see the downtime is going well. Enjoy the video. Miriam and Dayna better?

Sam Davies said...

hey just thought id say hi :)
Me being Laura-Lou's friend :p

haha, nice meeting you last saturday :)



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