Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When love comes to town

When love comes to town

I love it when Olly comes into Glasgow to meet me for lunch. Makes me all warm and fuzzy... and boy do I need that feeling right now!

Thanks honey!


littlelaughalot said...

Thomas....you really need to stop taking photos of me....especially looking like that! Enjoyed lunch too....it was a nice surprise to find Alister Smith in Borders too.

love Olly

Anonymous said...

I think if I were posting photos of Mary she'd have something to say about it... :-)
Mary used to come into town with Sarah when I worked in Challenge House with Crusaders, and I'd meet them at central station. I really miss that since coming to work in the church.
I guess all life's moments need to be enjoyed at the time - I belief the Latin is Carpe Diem - SEIZE THE DAY!
It's great to know you guys...even if it's just a little.


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