Thursday, February 22, 2007

February's Gathering

(L to R) Matthew, Kenny, John, Paul & Alistair

Another successful gathering took place last night... couldn't blog about it straight away - needed to catch up with Olly. What a great evening of conversation with 13 folk coming and going during the time allotted.

I was unfashionably late - preparing to fly out to Philly on Sunday and has busy. Got there at 1700hrs to a group of folk waiting... which was sweet.

Laura, Jonathan, Matthew & Chris
(L to R) Laura, Jonathan, Matthew & "Big" Chris

Conversations varied from the "thing" Julie is doing tomorrow (ie tonight) with her breakfast group. They want to do something "spiritual" but not "religious" - they connect with Jesus but have disconnected from the Church - this is a fantastic opportunity that I will keep you posted with.

Laura & John
Laura & John

It was great to catch up with Laura Lou and connect her again with folk she knows from her home town... like John.

Julie & "big" Chris
Julie & "Big" Chris

I was sweet just to witness folk talking... conversing... sharing... Made it all worthwhile.

Mr & Mrs Ede... and Julie
The Ede's and Julie

There were a few new faces... including Paul's wife, Esther... and one embarrassed face - mine! I forgot Ester's LTJ Bukem CD.

Had a great chat with Paul around ((deep)) and some options we may have for an alternative venue. He is also well connected with promoters and the like... and he could connect me with some much needed new talent.

It was also fab to hear for the band Alistair and John have formed. Will be watching out for them.

Dan, John & Alistair
Dan, John & Alistair

Afterwards... 5 of us headed over to Wagamama to carry on the conversation. The food was good, as always, and it was fab to just keep blethering about stuff

Me and Matthew
Me & Capt. Bennett

This was the first time I had actually met Matthew Bennett (one part of the Officer duo from Kirkwall) and it was great to catch up.

Good times... thanks to everyone who came and hung out and contributed. Here's to the next one in March.
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