Friday, February 09, 2007

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I was over the moon when the Soos gave me a copy of You Shall Have Ever Been by Proem - I have heard / read good things about the album and was stoked to be one of about 2,000 folk to have this limited edition disc.

Basically its a 2 disk set - first disk is the fifth studio album from Proem (aka Richard Bailey)... with the second disk being a live set taken from a festival called Decibel in 2005.

His music is wonderfully crafted soundscapes... waves of synths clash with frantic beats to make beautiful electronic music. Thoughtful washes of ambience create filtered realities full of fresh potential. Layers of vocoder-induced feeling swirl throughout the album in an otherworldy... futuristic manner. A pleasurable experience that demands your attention and rewards your patience.

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While checking out Proem's work... I came across an EP he has released via a fab wee website called en:peg - its like a netlabel... but instead of distributing its high calibre catalog for free... you pay a flat $2 fee for albums or EPs.

I well recommend their free sampler... A kind chap called Headphone Science (no relation) has pulled together a mix that covers EVERY enpeg release with at least one track. Its pretty awesome and well worth downloading... if you like your electronica thoughtful and texturally rich.

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Last but by no means least... downloaded another EP from one of my fav netlabels :: sutemos :: I've been enjoying their 13th release - Computer Pop by ijo and wanted to hear more from him. The Driw Play EP is from 2004 (it was Sutemos' 5th release) and is lovely. Its more live with instrumentation - keys and drums - and an organic feel. Its very chilled... but has a sense of melody that captures me and inspires me with its quality. Well worth checking out... for free!

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