Saturday, February 17, 2007

Who benefits from the myth of a work/life balance?

EVOL at Love Park

Balance. Life is all about balance. Nowadays we've all become acrobats... juggling hectic lives instead of balls... spinning our commitments like plates... actively trying to keep everything moving... everything in the air.

I've been trying my best to keep my life in better balance... Its one of the things I have been working on since the beginning of the year. I have been trying..!

On Friday I was told I am to go back to Philly... and I now feel like everything else is falling around me... its as if I am expected to let everything else fall for the sake of my work.

This is something I just can't accept.

The two weeks it is proposed that I am in the US corresponds with the weekend that Olly and I were hoping... trying... to spend in celebration of our marriage. Is it fair for me to have to drop this to go away? I don't think so.

Is it also fair for Olly to be left with the we'ans... on her own... for two weeks? Sure, we have great family and friends who will support her... but it should be me that's there for her... and for my we'ans.

But what can I do? Will I honestly get away with NO? Can I say "I can't travel at this time" without seriously expecting repercussions?

I need to be careful what I say here... it is not that I am unwilling to travel... I loved my previous trip to Philly and, no doubt, I will enjoy this adventure too... but there is more to this than just me.

Two hours with my we'ans on their own and I am homicidal - two weeks is too much to expect Olly to cope on her own.

And we desperately need this weekend away. Marriages need work. Flames need to be kept fed with time.

Who benefits from the myth of a work/life balance?

I'll keep you posted on the situation as it presents itself... who knows... I may be able to tell you about it at the gathering in person.

Please keep the whole family in your thoughts and prayers. Lesser things have destroyed greater people!


Carry The Fire said...

Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don't worry about missing out. You'll find all your everyday human concerns will be met!

Anonymous said...

You watch movies such as 'Click' and you are sure that the answer is simple. Say no to the boss. Family is more important than career.

But then you find youself in the same situation - such as having that project that needs to be finished TODAY, but you aren't going to see your mother for another year, so you really want to get home to her family birthday gathering.

Work has a way of enslaving us of sorts. We become fearful of either losing our job or stunting our future prospects. It's as if we have placed our destiny at the mercy of our employers.

Now that I've said my piece, I can't really offer you an answer. But I pray that you'll find one that will meet both of your commitments. Oh - but don't worry about it. Fear will lead you into making the wrong decision. Trust what you feel is right to do.

John said...

Thomas, I was in the Army when I married Jean, and in the first two years and two chidren, I saw Jean a total of 16 weeks in those years, but we have been married now for 41 years.

Things happen, but sometimes they are their to strengthen us, rather than weaken us.

As Christians, we are called to be faithful, and content in every situation.

Be encouraged.

Laura Whispering said...

Prayers for your situation.
- Laura

Anonymous said...

Hoping for the best. That's not an easy choice

Anonymous said...

I can understand the disappointment when your diary is crashed in such a way. However, retaining the intention will allow special periods to open up when possible.

Perhaps this is when computer/phone etc switch off and huddle the family in regular slots becomes so important. Protecting Sabbath periods is the Lord's answer. But the multitude will always be there to crash the deserted place and need fed [Luke 9].


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