Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day 2...


Everything is bigger in America... the cars... the roads... the ice! The car was frozen shut yesterday morning. Thick ice everywhere. We are about 5 mins walk from the office... except its illegal for us to cross the road. Crazy. The world... and Americans in general... would be better off if there was more opportunity to walk! This is car world.

View from the Office window

Had a very productive session yesterday. 10 hours. Hard going but with many wee highlights... such as one of the vendor's analysts falling asleep and the food - they brought in Crocodile again! Another highlight is the view from the conference room that we are situated in... Stunning!

Thomasville @ King of Prussia mall

After work, one of my colleagues and I headed over to the King of Prussia mall for a wander. Its an amazing place... and we only scratched the surface of one of the malls within the mall.


Grabbed a Chai Latte in Starbucks... Checked out the books, mags and CDs in Borders...


Windowshopped at Teavana...


And enjoyed a browse in Urban Outfitters... which is far superior to the one in Glasgow. Great choice of cutting edge product. Fab, friendly staff. Reasonable prices... and a fab ambience.

Needless to say I spent some money:


Picked up copies of Giant Robot and Juxtapoz for a read. GR has a fab interview with Hiroshi Fujiwara and Jux has a great spread on Craola.

I also spent some time in five below just browsing... Its such a cool shop with clothes... toiletries... iPod cases... toys... for $5 or less. I got some great stuff the last time I was over... and picked up a tee (see above) and a cool wee orange Ja Ru yo-yo.

Afterwards... we went back to the hotel and hit the pub for some food.

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