Wednesday, February 07, 2007

a gathering in February...

The barrista's ballet

I called another gathering a while back ((link)) and I have to say I am stoked by the response I received. Jon G has it in his diary... Matthew and possibly Debbie from Kirkwall will be coming - they will be in town... as is Andrew Clark (a fellow podcaster at as well as some of the folk from the first gathering.

So anyway... I want to try a new location - The Caffe Nero at Hope Street ((91 Hope Street G2 5TB - Tel: 0141 249 9832)) - they have a basement space that will be more conducive to conversation.

Be there on the 21st Feb from 1630hrs onwards... until about 1830hrs or so (the place shuts at 1900hrs). Anyone up for food afterwards can join Olly and I for something Japanese... or fusion... (although we are flexible - Nando's is maybe too far for some)

While you are waiting... check out this article on psfk :: Why Coffee Mornings Work & Networking Evenings Don't...
I love the idea of going out and drinking but it won't be anything like Coffee Morning or Likemind. Alcohol destroys the social initimacy that a caffenited morning has. As soon as people start drinking they revert to their socially trained norms and get cliquey. We've all been to networking nights and stood their with a bottle in our hand on our own as others chat alongside us. There's something interesting about turning up to a coffee morning at a cafe where you know no-one and you sit down and reach out your hand instinctively to the people around you and everyone chats. You just don't get that in a bar : people may shake hands but backs are turned pretty quickly.
OK so I don't drink... but I dig the sentiment. This is about conversation... and putting yourself out there to meet new people and talk about stuff that interests and inspires you. Meaningful connections were made last time that I hope to see sprout and grow.

Can't wait. If you can make it... let me know.


Anonymous said...

Would you mind very much if 'Big Chris' came along? It's looking fairly likely that i'll be able to make it =]

Anonymous said...

I would love it if Big Chris and yourself could join us.

Anonymous said...

Confirming my attendance at the 'Gathering' - but apologies from my wife,

Looking forward to it,



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