Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sunday past

There's been a we'an here

Sunday was a day for chilling... Olly and I felt a bit weird - our tums were off and we just didn't feel right. Miriam had a sniffle too. Dayna's usually the sick one... and she was fine.

Anyway, we took the day off from church and relaxed. In the afternoon, we had the company of Carol-Ann & Dan Rous from Glenrothes (not Dundee as I have on the links) with their sweet daughter Kathryn.

Its crazy how we've gotten out of the way of not having we'ans about the house. Things like the table in our living room became a potential nightmare for us. We're back to worrying... whereas Carol-Ann and Dan are like we were... pretty relaxed but vigilant nontheless.

Carol-Ann & Dan

It was a pleasure to share with them. We talked about ministry and Dan's job and stuff. Dan works for the Salvation Army in Perth - he manages the furniture store for the resettlement unit up there. It was inspiring to hear about some of the folk helped by the unit and by the furniture store... basically people given a second chance in life.

He also answered one of my nagging questions... would he know an Eames chair if one was donated. He would. It justified my idea that there needs to be cool hunters who know brands and can advise / train staff in the Army's charity shops as to the value of product.

It was also good to hear their story... and inspiring to see a couple dedicated to their Lord and wanting to serve Him full time as Army officers (looking at 2008 for entry).

From DVD Covers

Later on... after Carol-Ann and Dan had left for their engagement at Shotts... we sat down as a family to watch one of the Studio Ghibli films that the Soos had kindly given the we'ans: Kiki's Delivery Service is a fab film about a young witch who has to go it alone in a new city. Basically, she's mince at everything other than flying on her broom... so she starts a wee business as a courier. Truly a lovely film from the master Miyazaki.

It was a lovely weekend... filled with the joy that comes from being surrounded by loved ones. I am grateful!

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caldjr said...

Real pleasure to spend time with you guys - we really enjoyed ourselves. Great to chat with you and special thanks to Dayna and Miriam for being so fab with Kathryn. And as for our 'lovely' daughter carefully placing "teddy" on the potty on your stairs (as pictured) - well, I can only say that it was just as well the potty was there!!!
Hope we can do it again some time - maybe even you guys venture over this neck of the woods?
Speak soon
D, C-A & K


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