Saturday, February 24, 2007


my last coffee before Lent

Its been a few days since Lent started and I just realised that I am actually surviving without coffee. Above is a pic of the last coffee I had before starting my coffee fast. It was a cheeky wee latte from Coffee Merchant in the Merchant City, Glasgow (my fav coffeehouse, btw)

What's this fasting thing all about? Well... for me... I want to sacrifice my self. Give up something meaningful for me... so that I think of Jesus' sacrifice whenever I have a Jones for coffee.

I do miss it... the smell of espresso... the foamy goodness of a good head on a latte. Its not the same hanging out with people and drinking tea... although Chai Latte does appeal... I don't want to simply replace one love with another.

It might seem trivial... but it means something to me... and it works!

What have you given up..? and why..?

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Anonymous said...

Read an interesting article in the Scotsman on the lack of self-discipline in our secular society. It went on to suggest that there could be a general adopting of the spirit of Lent even by non Christians.

Would like to suggest a link with the programmes of OM and Tearfund against slavery and poverty - more slavery and exploitation now than in the days of Wilberforce. Please check out their websites and I will pass on reading material on Monday.

Every blessing for your visit to Philadelphia.


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