Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What Did You Go Out to See?

Andrew Jones aka tallskinnykiwi has written an article for Christianity Today entitled What did you go out to see? which is pretty inspirational...
He is the first respondent to our "big question" for 2007, posed as Western Christians adjust to their minority status in global Christianity, and as technologies of travel and communication make cross-cultural encounters ever more accessible to the majority world and minority world alike: What must we learn, and unlearn, to be agents of God's mission in the world?
Check it out. Some fantastic insights... I particularly connected with his comments on size:
To see the tiny, we will need to unlearn the value system that has guided our vision. Thomas Friedman has called it the Cold War Mindset, a way of seeing that places undue value on size, weight, and longevity.
and indigenous:
It seems God is raising up a post-colonial mission force out of the margins of our own culture, out of a people who have felt the sting of colonialism themselves.
All I can say is MORE - we need more of this kind of insight.

Check it out.

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Anonymous said...

dude I agree we need the apostle of the blogosphere to not only write more articles, but entire books as well. did you see we've hired a coyote as our janitor at the free donuts HQ?

Johnny said...

Saw the TSK piece as well...really thought provoking


Anonymous said...

thanks. glad you liked it.


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