Monday, February 26, 2007

The Desmond Hotel, Malvern, Penn.

Outside... with snow

I am staying... with my colleagues... in The Desmond Hotel which is a fab hotel very near the offices we are to work from this week. As hotels go... its not the boutique style that I love... its kind more everyman... or should I say everywoman because there is way too much floral used in decoration. Floral wallpaper... floral sofas... bit mad.


The room or should I say suite is great. Huge bed four poster bed... fab lounge space... nice bathroom.


Only problem I have is lack of wi-fi... I am chained to an ethernet port in the lounge which is kind of weak.

I was, however, able to video conference with Olly last night and hope to catch up with my we'ans and my folks today.

I'll tell you more about the pub in the hotel later... its a cool space. Oh and I might check out the pool too - it'll be like Home Alone 2 except with my beef I'll make a bigger splash than Macauley did.

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Royzoner said...

Oh man you seem like you are in hotel hell. Hopefully you'll get a chance to see philly a bit more?

Anonymous said...

With Dayna and Miriam and they send their love. Just ready for bedtime stories. Excuse me, a referee needed again. Will be in touch.


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