Sunday, February 11, 2007

Outside Out... (full)

First off... welcome to the Nanolog for anyone who may have received a card from me. It was a pleasure to meet so many cool folk yesterday... hopefully I'll mention everyone I hooked up with.

Pre-Event Olly

It is always great to spend time with Olly without the we'ans. Don't get me wrong... I love my we'ans... but I married my wife and its a privilege to call my wifey...

The Headphonaught with Motherwell Scarf

Hence the reason why I was smiling yesterday on the train into Glasgow! Oh and btw for everyone who reads this who is thinking: Cool Hogwarts scarf!!! - its the colours of Motherwell Football Club (and that's REAL football... none of this gridiron malarky either!)

Stackin' chairs

Olly and I were helping out at the Outside Out youth event in Glasgow. This initially involved moving chairs... and stacking them in the Vestry (where Hannah and Kevin look stuck). We were expecting a good few hundred young folk... and needed to get the maximum space we could from the venue.

Olly & Martin

It was great to see Martin Bellshaw who was part of the techy team... along with the guru... Anthony Gibb (who I couldn't get a pick of) - I want to get Anthony involved in ((deep)) and hope to coffee with him soon.


Olly was front of house and did a fab job as a steward. I was part of the prayer team... along with Vicky & Hannah... and Anneleen (pictured above). Our role was pray for and with people... and be sensitive to the needs of those around us. Fantastic experience...

I remember Anneleen from the Dreamday I attended in Edinburgh. She does film work with her collective :: Velvetine Screen - I remember being well impressed with their work. Great to catch up... Hope to introduce her to Roy at some point.

Alistar with his Manga Bible

I was also great to see Alistar with his Manga Bible - he was in great form... with his good lady. Its crazy to think Alistar was deemed a responsible adult - he's only just turned 18 and he's leading a youth group. Fantastic! G'on yersel, big man!

Wendy & Graham

I was also fab to spend time with my pals, Wendy & Graham who are the officers at Ayr. They were in good form and proud of the way their kids were enjoying the event... some who were at an Army event for the very first time!

Keren's drama

The entertainment was first class and seriously thought provoking. Keren Sneller did a one woman show on the parable of the Good Samaritan. Basically, she was a documentary presenter who was checking out the work of the church on a run down council estate. She played the presenter... and a couple of other characters - the idealistic youth worker with her beacon like trousers (see pic above) and the Christian GP on the estate. The use of prerecord footage was fab and added to the drama. She interviewed the local gang leader... who, at the end, turned out to be the Good Samaritan after the GP and the Youth Worker walked past the injured man. Truly fantastic... and another person I want Roy to connect with.


Electralyte were the house band for the day... and were fantastic! They really connected with the crowd... and played some beautiful worship songs as well as songs from their album. It was a pleasure to speak with Matt the guitarist - he's a great guy... down-to-earth... humble... and focussed on bring people to God through the band's music. He shared with me a tragedy that happened recently at his home corps in Chelmsford. A family, who were already going through a lot, were recently shattered by a car crash that affected 3 generations. Please take time to pray for the family... and for the Corps there.

Laura-Lou & Olly

It was fab to catch up with Laura-Lou who is a regular commentator and member of the Nanolog community.

Big Chris and Wee 'Phonaught

It was also sweet to meet new people like Big Chris who was too scared to ask Matt to sign his CD... so I got the job. He literally was head and shoulders taller than me.

Kevin & Henry

It was nice to put a face to a blog too... Kevin "Mavis" Avis works at the Salvation Army in Gorgie, Edinburgh; and a friend of Chris Hinton - he's a funny guy and good to have around. Hope to hook up with him again.

I also got time to speak to a chap called Chris Lindsay who was at the event representing and their campaign of action on the 25th March... which is the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the UK... for awareness of human trafficking. Hope to hook up with him again to discuss 24-7 prayer in Glasgow.

Human Trafficking and Bullying were the two main themes of the event... that was expertly brought to a close by Russell Rook - the main man at alove - tremendous day.

Post-Event Olly

No wonder Olly looks knackered!

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Laura Whispering said...

Those were the Officers from Ayr? Man, wasted opportunity right there!!


weareallghosts said...

In what sense?

Laura Whispering said...

In the sense that i've been trying to find out who they are for months now because their names aren't on the site, haha.
(looking to worship somewhere outwith St Nics from time to time & thought their corp would have been ideal)

weareallghosts said...

Wendy & Graham are personal friends of mine. Send me an email and I'll hook you up with them... if you want?!?

Anonymous said...

gridiron malarky? come on...american footballs brilliant, its a decent game...and the only half decent football team are morton!!

Clarebear said...

Hi Thomas!
Was good to read your account of the Outside Out. It was really lovely to see a picture of Martyn Bellshaw! God bless him! I've not seen him for ages - what's he up to? Give him a big hug from me when you next see him and tell him I said hi!

love to you, Olwyn, Dayna and Miriam!
God bless you all!
take good care


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