Wednesday, March 28, 2007

15 years


I love Olly

15 years ago today... Olly and I had our first date. We'd met at Olly's cousin's wedding on the 6th March, 1992; and had been corresponding on and off since then. She wrote to me before I got a chance to write to her :-) Oh and for folk born since 1980 - writing letters is like email... except its takes a long and involves paper, pens and stamps!

The last 15 years have been the best of my life and I am grateful to Olly for all that she has done and continues to do for me... and our family.

She is the best friend and dedicated wife a man could have. I am the proof that geeks can, and do, get the girl!

Love you, honey!

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littlelaughalot said...

Thanks honey.Can't believe it...15 years since our first date! Wow.
Best years ever!

love always


janey said...

excellent, you are a true match. can't beleive I have known you for 15 years Thomas well well there you go time flies by eh !!

love you both
janey xox

Johnny said...

Congrats to you two. Looking forward to sharing our home with you for that Band visit!

Anonymous said...

And prior to the 15 years - we had him. Man alive I was like 19 or something at your wedding...where did the time go?

I can still remember Uncle Angus' kilt tucked into his pants (at the front I may add) when he stood up to give his speech.

Tremendous. Stay young you guys.


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