Thursday, March 01, 2007

Day 4...

Work-ahol (Green Tea and Snapple)

Another heavy schedule but one that had the promise of success and delivered it. We got in at our usual early time of 0730hrs (EST) and stayed until after 1730hrs (EST). We finished and sent back to Glasgow... 9 of the 10 documents we were aiming to complete this week... which was a tremendous achievement for all involved (if I do say so myself).


Working together in the conference room has been very productive. There is a ton of clutter on the desk (mostly mine) but the team are working well together.

Turkey Buzzard

One cool distraction was watching Turkey Buzzards riding the thermals right outside the office. Beautiful sight to witness.

Lunch: a Philly cheese steak and a snapple

One of the reasons why we can do these intense sessions is we are well looked after by our partners. Great facilities and well fed. They brought in Philly Cheese Steaks today for lunch. Brilliant... although I don't want to think about the melted cheese! It can't be good.

Cheesecake Factory

After work... we went to the King of Prussia mall for some food and final last minute shopping. We were recommended to try the Cheesecake Factory... and were not disappointed.

The Cheesecake Factory was heaving last night. We waited about 20-30 mins for a booth... in their cool bar area. The decor of the place was interesting: reminded me of middle Eastern / Ancient Persian decor... with folk dressed as bakers (all in white) looking after you. Weird but nice.

An Oreo Mudslide from the Cheesecake Factory

I tried their Oreo Mudslide and couldn't finish it. To say it was rich and heavy would be to insult it... but it was... and it also was fantastic!

Afterwards, we split up and did some more browsing. Picked up a couple of sweet tees for Olly from UO that she should love. I also picked up a huge canvas backpack for the trip home for $5. I brought "old faithful" - my orange eastpak backpack that has traveled to Italy and other places - but it was too tight for 2 laptops and various books, mags, toys etc. I needed something bigger that I can get on the plane... and this army surplus bag does the trick.

Last night in the Fox & Hounds

We ended the day with a wee nightcap in the Fox and Hounds... where I managed to fall asleep. Party animal, me! btw neither pint is mine. I should have been on the red bull... but they didn't have any!

Been a good trip. Productive. I can't wait to see Olly and the we'ans.

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Johnny said...

Safe journey, mate!

Anonymous said...

Glad it has been so productive for you all. Talk about eating the profits though! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow (dv).

Anonymous said...

happy you had a satisfying trip - nice to get to the end of some stuff - safe home eh - julie

Laura Whispering said...

Glad it's been a good trip =]
Hope the journey home's a pleasant one!
- Laura xo


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