Saturday, March 31, 2007

What have I been up to?


Sorry I've not been posted as much as I usually do... a ton of things on my mind and heart just now. One of my many faults is that I spread myself too thin... don't give people / tasks enough focus while always eagerly looking for the next new thing... the next new experience. I am learning to focus on who and what I have in front of me... its a journey to change my behaviour... but I have made the first few steps.

That's why I've not been updating the ol' nanolog for a few days. Hope you don't mind.

So what have I been up to? Work has been pure mad hectic this week. Lots of people wanting and not enough people trusting. Crazy. Spent a considerable part of the week in meetings... with my trusty collection of moleskines at my side.

Ivor's "Christ" Carpet

I met up with Ivor and Rita on Thursday night to give them an update on ((deep)). If you read my other blog :: Headphonaught's Hardthought :: you'll know that I've got funding for the project... with the first event loosely planned for October. I am so chuffed with this.

Art in Pancho Villas

Yesterday, my lead took the team to Pancho Villas in the Merchant City to celebrate meeting a major milestone. Nice ambience. Very Mexican... with great art and even better food (Sorry Richard)

Fajitas King Prawn

Their king prawn fajitas were to die for! Great Mexican food. Only complaint was the slowness of the staff... the meal took ages... but, all in, it was fab.

Afterwards, I worked on to get everything sorted for my week and a bit off work. We are heading over Berwick way for a few days next week with my folks. Hope to go to The Holy Island of Lindisfarne at some point. More on that later.

At night... we headed over to the Salvation Army in Hamilton for a presentation by Raymond & Gillian on their travels in South America. Was far more exciting than it sounds... their passion for simple travel and the people they met shone through.

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