Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flash Prayer Mob

Alistar with his Manga Bible

Our pal Alistar (above) sent me a text today... He wants to do something about human trafficking and, inspired by the 24-7 prayer folk, intends to pray for the situation. He has called Flash Prayer Mob for Saturday, 24th March @ 1pm in George Square, Glasgow.

The plan is to come together and pray... in whatever way you feel comfortable... for the victims of modern slavery.

I'm inspired by the way this young chap has rolled up his sleeves and sought to make something happen. I intend to be there... hopefully with Olly... and have drafted a wee flyer for the event. Please grab it and use it :: post it on your blog or myspace... print it and stick it up somewhere meaningful... make stickers from it and decorate your life with them.

Whatever you do... be there... or organise your own something.

From Flash Prayer ...

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Praying hands taken by Greefus Groinks
Square blue plus sign taken by urbanmkr
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